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3 Ways to Support Chicago's Resident Crooner

The Ballad of Jeffery Lynn is streaming on all major platforms, and this means my full album is just a few weeks away. Here are three ways you can help support my music and make this my most successful release yet.



1. Stream My Music

This one goes without saying, but I often get asked how people can listen. My music is available on all major streaming services, and I make royalties off the number of plays from each streaming service. So, head to your favorite platforms like Pandora, Apple Music, or Spotify and give my new song (and the rest of my catalog) a few spins! You can also purchase my music from the Apple Music store if that's more your speed.

2. Share my Music

As the heading in this section suggests, sharing is caring. One of the best ways for my music to find new fans is for my friends, family, and current fans to share direct links to my latest releases. By sharing my links, you remove a step that often leads people on a wild goose chase as they try to spell my name, which often gets misspelled. Sharing also helps my music travel worldwide since many people have networks living all over. I always enjoy seeing people stream my music from Portland to Singapore. In the last 28 days, my music has been to 8 different countries, a milestone in its own right!

3. Like and Follow

The final step in getting this release some traction is to like my music and follow me on your favorite platforms. By doing so, you receive updates regarding my upcoming releases and make listening to me again easier. By liking me on your favorite service, you also help others with similar music tastes find my profile. Many streaming services have a "similar to" section, which shows artists within the same genre or style. Increasing my followers helps the algorithm better categorize me in these sections.

You can listen to my latest release by tapping the button below and start implementing these three steps from above.

For those of you reading this who have already done all the steps above, I can not thank you enough. Your support means the world to me and allows me to continue making music. Happy listening!

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