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S3E5 - The One with a Belly Dancing Wookiee

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Chicago's famous belly dancing geek is in the studio on the most recent episode of Crooner Has It. With a long resume and deep knowledge of Star Wars, Dawn Xiana Moon sat down with your resident crooner to chat about her many accolades. Tune it for all the nerdy details below!


A seductive and passionate voice, evocative songwriting, and formal training make Dawn Xiana Moon one of her generation's most distinctive Asian-American singers. With influences ranging from traditional Chinese music to modern American folk, she bridges the East and West musical traditions. When she's not making music, Dawn Xiana Moon directs Raks Geek, a belly dance and fire performance company hailed by The Daily Mail as "stunning."

Follow Dawn on social media using the handle @dawnxianamoon and catch them at Raks Inferno on August 12 at Newport Theater.


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