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Chicago's Transcendental Pop Artist Preps for New Release

Tommy Bravos, from season two of Crooner Has It, made waves on Chicago's music scene with his 2021 release, "Adonis" and his follow-up "Adonis Imagined." Now, Bravos is on the hunt for his next big sound.

The Hunt - Tommy Bravos

Bravos, a Chicago-based artist who blends movement and theatrics with the concept of mindfulness into his music, is gearing up for his next release with a new single titled "The Hunt."

The new tune features familiar flecks from Bravos's brand of artistry and pulls inspirations from disco and synth-pop. I appreciate Bravos's ability to give his art a vintage aesthetic while telling new stories and providing a kaleidoscope of innovative sounds that make his work a complete piece.

"The Hunt" is an anthem to love and the chase we all partake in at some point in our lives. Listening to the track, I was transported into Bravos's universe, and I could see the cinematic story he intended to tell. "The Hunt" is electric and inspiring and made me want to lose myself in the music. I could easily see this being the tune of the summer.

I can not wait for the rest of the world to experience "The Hunt" on 8/12. I'm incredibly proud of Bravos's work on this track, and I encourage you all to pre-save this release following the link below!


You can also follow Tommy Bravos on Instagram using the handle @tommybravos and check out his pod episode from season 2 on your favorite platforms.

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