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From the Vault: Bang Bang/Selfish Love

Jerason Dean & Cait Coulomb


When we decided to do our duets studio project, Cait Coulomb and I knew we both wanted to do a mash-up, but we weren't sure how to take the tracks we wanted to include and turnout a Glee-worthy single. Our producer, Cole DeGenova, was on board from the start, and we combed a handful of songs together before landing on Bang Bang and Selfish Love, which we felt told similar stories but from different moments in time.

We did this cover with the intent of releasing it with "The Good Judy Tapes;" however, the track didn't make the official release even though we all felt strongly about it. So, the mash-up had been collecting dust since its creation. I think it's time Bang Bang/Selfish Love got the attention it deserves. Let me know what you think!

Track Details:

  • Studio: Rax Trax Recording

  • Producer/Piano: Cole DeGenova

  • Sound Engineer: Noam Wallenberg

  • Bass: Andrew Vogt

  • Drums: Jonathan Marks

  • Sax: Ryan Tedder

  • Writers: Bang Bang - Sonny Bono / Selfish Love - Ammar Malik, Benjamin Levin, Happy Perez, Magnus Hoeiberg, Ross Golan, and Ryan Tedder (Not the Sax player)

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