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Mark Your Calendars!

Updated: May 12

My self-titled LP J. Dean releases on May 12, 2023, on all major platforms.

This debut album pulls influences from jazz, rockabilly, and big band, and builds on the catalog I have performed over the last decade. Below is the official cover art shot by Jesse Genito and the complete track listing.

You can find out more about my debut album by reading the official press release here.

This project was a labor of love and highlights my vintage styling and my love for Chicago, and the many talented artists I share this city with. J. Dean was produced and recorded in Chicago, and every participant is a local artist actively working in the Windy City.



Procduers: Cole DeGenova, Jerason Dean

Engineer: Noam Wallenberg

Musicians: Cole DeGenova, Caleb Mitchell, Matt Jarosch, Ryan Tedder, Jon Marks, Andrew Vogt, Packy Lundholm, Nigel Mack

Featured Performances: Brooklyn Britches, Molly Smith.


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