• Jerason Dean

S3E6 - The One with a Technicolor Cutie

Updated: 2 days ago

Chicago's vintage bombshell is in the Crooner Has It studio, and we are traveling back to where it all began. Ruby Spencer is giving me the lowdown on everything from the birth of her stage name to her Hollywood debut! Tune in for all of the titillating details.


Ruby Spencer has been performing burlesque since 2015 and comes armed with a self-taught passion for performance and theater. Bringing to life the glamorous showgirls of the 40s and 50s, this statuesque beauty will leave you begging for more. Known as The Sparkling Sinsation, Ruby will dazzle you with her glittering personality, sultry looks, and playful performance style.

Follow Ruby on social media using the handle @rubyspencerchi and catch up with them at their website below.


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