• Jerason Dean

S3E7 - The One with a Whisper

On this swanky episode of Crooner Has it, I'm chatting with my newest networking success story, Brooklyn Britches. Brooklyn and I recently collaborated on an upcoming project and have been fast friends since. Tune in to listen to their Chicago success story and find out where you can catch Brooklyn Britches and the Whispers!


Brooklyn Britches grew up singing and playing music with her family and friends in a small rural town outside Toledo, Ohio. In 2011, she made her way to Chicago, where she quickly fell in love with the vibrant burlesque and performance scene. After working up enough courage, she decided to study burlesque at Studio L'Amour where she practiced for three years before making her debut stage performance in 2014, performing a singing striptease to a swing version of Bei Mir Bist Du Shoen. This first performance was just the beginning of making her dream of a career in music a true possibility.

Follow Brooklyn on social media using the handle @brooklyn_britches and catch up with them at their website below.


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