• Jerason Dean

S3E9 - The One with a Chaotic Gentleman

In this episode of Crooner Has It, I have one of the live show's first performers, Willy LaQueue. Known as the limpest wrist in burlesque, this king of chaos is telling all his secrets and teaching me a thing or two about learning to trust the process. Que sera, sera!


Willy LaQueue is an accomplished hip-hop dancer, pole dancer, burlesque dancer, and instructor in the Chicago performance scene. He has performed for a decade and earned nicknames such as "the limpest wrist in burlesque" and "the Dandy Demon." These days you can catch LaQueue all over Chicago, teaching and performing.

Follow Willy LaQueue on social media using the handle @willylaqueue and catch their production of Newport Theater's Peekeasy on 9/24.


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