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Chicago's Native Sunshine Releases New Music

Updated: Aug 11

Crooner Has It Aulimi, Sara Van Hecke has released her long-awaited album "Sun Soul." If you are a long-time fan of Crooner Has It, you might recall this ball of sunshine from the inaugural season of the Crooner Has It podcast. I have had the pleasure of working with Van Hecke on multiple bills, and I am thrilled to see her most recent vision come to life.

Sara Van Hecke - Sun Soul


After toasting to her success, I asked Van Hecke where the inspiration came from for the new album. You can hear many references to light and warmth if you listen to the tracks, which are a beautiful marriage of words and melody. Van Hecke said, "It was a time where I felt I was returning to my soul through music and sunlight." She found that the collection of songs she had written all had an orbit around this theme, and as the sun gives life to us all, it gave life to Van Hecke's latest project.

"Sun Soul" takes songwriting to a new place for Van Hecke, reflecting on the changing seasons and the sun's radiance. A raw, authentic production on the album amplifies the influences Van Hecke credits as inspiration.

"Seasons of Joy" is a particular favorite of mine. I'm incredibly proud of Van Hecke, and I hope you will give this Chicago native some love and stream "Sun Soul" on Spotify. You can also follow Sara Van Hecke on Instagram at @whatthehecke.

More About The Artist

Sara Van Hecke is a Colorado-based singer/songwriter with roots in Chicago. Her music sways between folk and indie and takes deep inspiration from nature and shared experience. Van Hecke's music is the closest thing to her; she has been creating, writing, and performing since she was 13.

If you want to look right into the soul of Sara Van Hecke, just listen to her music. Van Hecke believes that now more than ever, we need storytellers to empower and connect people as we become more individualized and isolated from community life. She hopes that her music can play a small part in collective healing.

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